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Executive Search

Haley Associates consultants bring vast experience in higher education executive search. We support search projects for presidents, vice presidents and deans, assuring best practices for your recruitment and hiring needs, with an approach customized for each client. We are your trusted partner in the search process from start to finish, working closely with the Search Committee and its Chair. Our team members bring over 60 years of higher education leadership experience and resources to identifying your ideal candidate. We leverage our broad and current national/ international networks and connections to build deep and diverse pools of highly qualified professionals–with a special eye to the unique “fit” for your institutional value and culture. Search assignments begin with a visit to campus and listening sessions with key constituents to identify priorities and understand in depth the mission and goals of the institution—as well as the key agenda items, qualifications and qualities of the desired candidate.

We provide a trusted and customized search process, the development of a strong and diverse pool of candidates based on client specifications, culminating in a successful appointment.

Strategic Institutional Assessment and Modeling

Haley Associates will place a team of highly experienced experts on the ground to establish a set of critical success factors, assure that institutional data are accurate and up-to-date, and put into place a system for the periodic collection and analysis of this information.   Having a dashboard of well-defined critical success factors and current data regarding these factors established by experienced experts in the field is a valuable tool for board governance and strategic decision making.

In consultation with campus leadership, the institutional assessment will establish a set of critical success factors (CSFs) and operationally define each data point for these factors.   The dashboard of CSFs includes quantitative and qualitative factors in the broad areas of enrollment, program characteristics, financial aid, retention, fund raising and finances.  National data from respected industry sources like NACUBO are employed in determining the “best practice range” for many CSFs.

The institutional assessment is customized to each institution, while also positioning the institution in the broader context of best practices for data collection and analysis in higher education overall.

Board Governance Consultation and Retreats

Assess board effectiveness and current challenges.  Conduct board retreats to address current challenges and to surface overall strategies and approaches to achieving the goals of the institution through good governance and partnership with senior leadership of the institution. Advise on the current landscape of higher education and best approaches for navigating shared governance.  Board retreat agendas are developed in close consultation with the Board Chair, the president, and other leaders of the board and administration.

Executive Coaching for Presidents and Senior Leaders

Confidential and customized coaching begins with developing an understanding of the context of each institution, each leader’s role, and the strategic goals and challenges facing them.  An impartial perspective from an experienced leader/consultant allows presidents and board chairs to explore challenges and potential strategies with confidentiality and safety. Engagements can be arranged for specific challenges requiring limited time commitments or can be negotiated for sustained periods of consultation and counsel.

Effective Presidential Transitions

A well designed presidential transition plan is essential to the success of a new president. Working collaboratively with the board and search committee chair, we will create a plan for the first year of the new president’s tenure: assuring that she or he has plentiful opportunities to meet and listen to key constituents, deepen his or her understanding of the mission and culture of the institution, focus on essential strategic issues, and build key relationships and networks. We also assist in developing a long-range communications plan for introducing the new president to the public and the university community.

Presidential/Senior Leadership 360° Evaluations

An impartial 360° evaluation of college and university presidents is, when conducted appropriately, a powerful tool.  Appointing and evaluating a president are key responsibilities of the Board of Trustees.  We assist Boards of Trustees in designing and executing a thoughtful, impartial and constructive process which will identify strengths, successes, and areas for growth.  Close consultation with board leaders is important to tailoring the process to current and future needs—and in establishing a clear, consultative, and trusted process for receiving input.   We review the established goals and expectations for the president and design and conduct surveys to gather input from the major constituencies of the institution.  A campus visit is a key element of the evaluation process—to meet confidentially with the president and to interview the president’s leadership team, as well as board members and other leaders on campus.

With all the information in hand, we create a confidential report for board leadership; we then work with the board to design constructive feedback for the president, as well as an overview of the process and outcomes for the campus audience.

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